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Monday, February 9, 2009


So as always, I went overboard... I have been prepping for my best friend Grace's new arrival, and I got a little outta control... The shower was great! Lots of people, and she got everything she could want or need... I helped her start to get the baby room organized and if she doesn't go into labor soon I will be painting her baby room with her hubby or her mom (we are way too overprotective to let her do it at this point, she was due last Friday)... But I have also been making A BUNCH of casseroles to freeze so that when her baby finally arrives they will not have to cook... Today, her younger sister was going to go over to her house, but instead I had her come to my house and took her to a movie (after she helped me do chores) so Grace and her husband could spend his day off alone before the baby comes... I say I have gone overboard because I should probably just let her and her hubby do their thing, but I think she is being sweet by letting me help... And it is really helping me to help, it is helping me cope with the fact that I was just late enough again to take a test, just for it to come up negative, as always... I know it will come in the right time, but it is hard to wait... Anyways, Grace's sister wanted to see Twilight, so I was all too happy to go see it again! It was better quality since it wasn't such a huge screen (last time was at the Drive-In)... I think I like it now, even though it is the Cliff Notes version... So That's why I haven't been writing, I haven't had much to write about and I've been super busy... Thanks for hanging in with me, hopefully I will have more to show and tell soon (when baby Bella finally decides to grace us with her presence)!

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Yaya said...

I'm debating going to my friend's baby shower coming up.....gonna be a hard one since our babies were due a week apart and I lost mine.

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