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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally Saw Twilight!

Okay, I am officially "one of those" people... I saw Twilight today, after devouring all 4 books this last week, and despite the tweeks and some odd casting, I loved it! When Bella is looking up "cold ones" on Google, I actually shuddered and said "that's hot" out loud... Out.Loud. Because it was. Hot. "It's like diamonds, you're beautiful" and he is. Beautiful. Charlie I'm not quite sure about... Ava as Esme? Not sure either... But I like Kristin Stewart as Bella, and Edward... Perfect. I also liked Jacob, but I wasn't too sure about Eric or Mike. Alice I totally got and the rest of the fam was okay. Emmet fit to me... It helped that I read the books after the movie came out though... And the scene where Charlie meets Edward... Totally happened to me that way... Homecoming Freshman year... Dad was cleaning the shotgun on the coffee table... Poor Nikko nearly peed his pants... My brothers thought it was HILARIOUS... So even though I didn't see Charlie doing something like that, I totally got a laugh out of it... All in all the changes weren't too terribly distracting (unlike Robert Pattison's other feture, HP 4: Goblet of Fire, could barely even sit through that one because of all of the uneccessary deviations from the book) and I enjoyed it. A LOT. :)
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Tabitha Blue said...

I too, loved the movie, and devoured the books last week.... still finishing 4 actually! I think most of the casting was good too. I didn't think Alice, Esme or Rosalie were good pics though. Emmet was perfect and I even thought Jacob was casted well! I totally agree with you!! Enjoy your weekend! :)

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